Developer with 9+ years experience. Skilled in PHP (Laravel Framework), Python, Databases (Mysql, ElasticSearch), Vue.js, Linux CLI, REST Api, Nginx, GIT

Career History

Senior Software Developer

November 2021 - Present
A2Z Technologies | Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Parsing xml data using Python and save them in ElasticSearch
  • Building a REST API using PHP

Senior Software Developer

May 2020 - November 2021
BestComp Group | Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Building an architecture and REST API for ecommerce sites
  • Working with web sockets, adding new features to real time chat.
  • Optimizing Database queries and site performance

Tech Lead (Full-time, Remotely)

October 2019 - April 2020 | Prague, Czech Republic
  • Working with integrations. Our platform every minute synchronizes data of all hotels. Then we use these datas for searching and calculating
  • Building new complex search algorithm to allow person to get all the possible results on search
  • Calculating prices depending on searching results
  • Daily fixing problems and improving project

Software Developer (Part-time, Remotely)

February 2019 - October 2019 | Prague, Czech Republic
  • Fixing daily issues and bugs
  • Cropping and syncing all images to S3 with multiple sizes
  • Making more flexible admin interface for managers
  • Sending new clients and reservations to CRM system

Vue Developer (Full-time, Short term work)

January 2019 - April 2019

One Easy Solution - is a software development company dedicated to automate restaurant and catering industries' daily routines and make business management easy.

My task was to make a food delivery website with Vue.js with REST API and integrate Stripe Payment System for online ordering.

Backend Developer (Freelance)

August 2018 - January 2019 | Baku, Azerbaijan

Marcom is a creative marketing and communication company that provides digital services. My main task was to make e-commerce websites.

Some interesting Projects:


    İt is an agriculture platform that allows users to put theirs items for selling.

    My tasks:

    • Building flexible search
    • Deactivating old ads by daily
    • Keeping media files in S3 Storage
    • Integrating Bank Payment Systems
    • Integrating Operator payment Systems (by sms)
    • Building REST Api to send data to another services
    • Automatically sending emails to the clients about statuses of ads (ad accepted, declined or deactivated)
    • Flexible and functional admin panel for managers

    My tasks:

    • Syncing Store Cashbox with Web Server
    • Integrating Bank Payment Systems
    • Building REST Api to send and receive data from another services

Backend Developer (Full-time)

April 2017 - June 2018
"APAHolding" Company | Baku, Azerbaijan


  • Programming: (PHP (including Laravel Framework), Mysql, Git, Redis, Javascript (Jquery,
  • Building up a web server using CLI: (Ubuntu, Debian)
  • Support launched projects

Full Stack Developer (Full-time)

November 2012 - February 2016
NORDVENT | Baku, Azerbaijan

Key roles:

  • Pogramming: (PHP, Mysql)
  • Frontend Development: (HTML, CSS, Bootstap, Jquery)


  • Making and supporting a web application for construction company, where engineers and customers could calculate and generate a schema for each project. Calculating logic was imported to database from specific diagram and formula.
  • Creating a specific web application for commercial department, with multiple user roles. Employees could see all orders lists, set an action depending on role (create, approve, cancel an order, set price) and view the log system of all actions.